lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2018

20 seconds

  I get the hospital in a bit of a hurry for family obligations have delayed me at home for a while. I press the button and wait for the lift up to my floor, some people join me by the lift gate; among them there is a tall blonde woman I had never seen before. In a minute’s time the lift gate opens, the people inside the box step out but not Dc JMS, who I have known and appreciated for years, he stays in instead. “Up or down?” I ask him playful for I knew he had to go up since he doesn’t leave the lift and there isn’t any lower level. “It seems obvious I go up” He answers. As he was saying this, the tall blonde woman comes into the lift and asks, “How is this possible you came down in the lift when I just saw you here in the ground floor?”, “Dc JMS happens to be ubiquitous” I replied looking at both of them. “I wish I were…” Dc JMS says, “so I could work in two places at the same time”. “I Think I’ve got very enough with just one workplace so stressed I feel…” the tall blonde woman says.” I don’t hesitate to have my say “It would be lovely to enjoy the company of two different people in two different places at the same time, though”, “That would be nice” Dc JMS carries on “but then it would be starting feeling hot”. “I didn’t mean sex” I protest. “Nor did I” snaps he, “I was thinking of room temperature”.
   As soon as he utters that last bit, the lift door opens at fourth floor and he leaves us. I mean to say my last word, but before I can open my mouth the door closes and the lift moves up. Shocked, the tall blonde woman just says “most intense 20 minutes ever”.

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