martes, 11 de febrero de 2014


Few days ago I was awarded with the honour of attending the wake and subsequent burial of a very dear friends mother.  New Years eve was a very special day for me, the last day of a year rather tumultuous for reasons I dont feel like telling right now.
I didnt get much sleep, as almost everybody else, that night. The following day I dared text Rosas husband suggesting him to read my blog post Laundry, written the very day before. I would like to reproduce here what he said in response, thats for you both, Rosa and your huís band, Dahonman.

I knew it would hurt you read this post, due to your recent lose… on the other hand, I think it may be a comforting pain, and I knew, I can tell I know you well, you were bound to like it. I wrote it yesterday morning, it came up right from the bottom of my soul and one sister read it aloud right in the middle of New Years Eves dinner in front of 10 siblings and their spouses, all of them there, but Heike, obviously. Even mum, already gone, was there” and I felt her giving me her look of approval, it all was very touching. After reading the text, all the 45 people there, clapped their hands and hugged me warmly one by one. One of my elder brother, always so unshockable whispered at my ear you made me sob, little bastard…”

What else can I say?
Have a big hug and go for 2014, we are bound to the grave but we, like the musicians on the Titanic, shall play until water covers us all, remember that well always have Paris and that with our without money I always do what I want.

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