jueves, 4 de julio de 2013


I’m so lucky to have found accommodation in a wonderful hotel in the middle of the historic centre of the amazing city of Heidelberg. During the morning I had been strolling up and down its streets for a few hours, visited the Old University (the oldest in Germany and alma mater of many Nobel prizes), eaten a delicious salmon with its appropriate dressing and then gone back to the hotel to rest a while.
Once inside, by stealth, I've sat by the window of the room to smoke a cigarette and suddenly I notice a large group of Japanese or Chinese, -I can’t tell the difference between them yet- watching and taking pictures to where I am so I first feel like a famous person the same way as Lady Di or Michael Jackson. Given this lack of privacy, I finish my cigarette and close the window quickly just in case any of the Japanese splits on me to the hotel staff.
Inside the room, I start reading the city guide I had bought at random the previous day. In the guide, I spot the picture of the front of my hotel and some text explaining that the building I’m staying in was an hotel since 1705 but it really was the only patrician house that survived the destruction of Heidelberg between 1689 and 1693, that the house was erected in 1592 by Charles Belier, a huguenot who had emigrated from France to Heidelberg. Learning all this information has been a true relief, because it's so cold in the street I do not want to get dressed and go out to have another cigarette. May another crowd of Easterners appear again and the same picture-taking scene repeats, I will think they just love immortalising in one snapshot everything that amazes them, and I can guarantee that the hotel’s facade is an architectural wonder. Im surprised I have ended up here, I have to thank my friend Consuelo for she booked it for me.