lunes, 17 de junio de 2013


The trip to Germany has successfully met almost all the expectations I had. Weather was  ghastly but the forecasts for that week had already told me so I took plenty of warm clothes not to let the low temperature be an inconvenience.

Miriam, my host in Berlin, even though her busy working schedule, has been so kind accommodating and accompanying me to very interesting places not included in tourists’ guidebooks,. The German capital is a highly recommended place to visit. It is nowadays an outstanding cultural and artistic centre in Europe: there they live many young adults, from Spain and other countries around the world; talented as well as creative men and women who have been forced to move abroad by the ruthless policy of cut-backs in their homelands. Walking through its streets and taking the efficient public transport, a tight-knit network of buses, trams, undergrounds and commuter trains perfectly synchronized to bridge the gap between places in a considerable extent city, is very enriching due to its countless museums and art activities (exhibitions, concerts, performances, etc..) one can enjoy in Berlin.

However, the most amazing part of my German tour was the visit to the wonderful city of Heidelberg. It is not too big and this may be one of its advantages: the old town is easily explored on foot. Most of the town’s activity  revolves round the university, Germany’s oldest university -founded in 1386 by Rupert I, Electorate of the Palatinate-, and which played a key role in the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther defended their theses there in 1518 and many Nobel prizes winners in almost all disciplines have come out of it, including our famous doctor Severo Ochoa.

Lots of students across Europe head to Heidelberg to enroll the university, some others are just there to learn German in its numerous public and private scools. The atmosphere is lively and all the city’s premises, from restaurants to leisure centres, keep and enviable aesthetic harmony and are beautifully and architecturally exceptional. The views from the mountains across river Neckar are wonderful, as are from Philosophenweg.

One of the reasons for my trip was visiting the psychiatric department of the Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, the university hospital of Heidelberg. A leasurely stroll through the beautiful and spacious indoor gardens and the different pavilions gives an idea of the high quality of services the pacients receive: the centre’s care programmes are in the vanguard of Europe, and its facilities utterly superb.

The whole thing made such an impression on this writer that I hope he will always treasure  and that he will be able to depict with words in the novel I shall write someday.

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