lunes, 14 de enero de 2013


      I just finished reading a post that a good friend uploaded. It supports this sort of ideas about the future belonging to women, who write much better -just take a glance at the rankings of best-seller books. I don’t think I can be accused of being misogynists, I only aspire to have any piece of work -no matter its nature- valued regardless of the author's genre, be the author a man or a woman. This is what I commented to her:
     I like the ‘pamphlet’ but, it infuriates me how a despicable macho society has given way to another in which it seems like only you the women are able to do interesting things. May I have a bit of equity please? Neither we men are so evil or ignorant nor are you women as a gender all so perfect. I do admit there are differences between the two sexes but I don’t think they affect either creativeness or intelligence or behaviour; even though I am sure that there is a lot of savages free to roam the earth.
       I beg the forgiveness of those who, being coherent, can take this personally, I know that you all are the majority, my respect to all…
      I would like that each one of us would do his (or her) best, o better, that we let the forest grow. WE CAN DO IT! There are so many things to change! I strive for a cultural revolution, with no need to include Albert Plà or the like, whose ways annoy me, even though he defends almost praiseworthy postulates.

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