lunes, 14 de enero de 2013


   Today I went to Jonas’ trial. However the unpleasantness of the case, the development of the hearing has been most interesting. We all entered at the same time: Ana Rivas, Emilio Sánchez, Alfonso Martínez and I
   I think four out of the ten of us attended. Alfonso’s intervention surprised me the most. With no previous agreement whatsoever amongst ourselves, we all kept the same opinions with rigorous arguments, you know, the like of a film attorneys'. In spite of the fact that the defence lawyer tried to make us crack during his, in my sincere opinion, sharp questioning we were so successful that the judge had to tell the lawyer “Don't you see that you have made enough questions to prove the experts' opinion to be unanimous and sufficient for this cause?”. 
   The accused was sitting on the row behind me. I turned my head two or three times back to look at him and I could see a spark of tension and fear in his eyes, it was a moving view: he's on the ropes and heading to a sticky end, I guess. Please, do not think I can make one of my narratives out of his story. How rewarding this is, Petrus! I may feel a little hypo, but I want it to be like that. See you. 
   Thanks for your patience.

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