lunes, 14 de enero de 2013


     Lola welcomed me in her hospital room with a friendly gesture; she had just finished a strong argument with her mother and I wondered whether or not it was a good moment to intervene but I had promised my surgery colleague and I decided that it was not a good option to postpone the visit. When she had calmed down a little she apologised (a very strange thing of her because rarely our intention of making her change her generally obstinate mind succeeded) and told me that her war was none of my business. I felt flattered when she confessed to me that I was one of the few people she trusted in. It had been several days since she started refusing to eat on the pretext of not being able to swallow any food.
     From her clinical story I knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with her throat that would justify her complaint. She advised me not to waste my time on her because what she really wanted was to die since the co-habitation with her mother was unsustainable and she didn’t have anyone else that could have helped her.
     I proposed to her that we should soon resolve the issue of her previous ‘allocation’ but that at the moment she needed to nourish herself unless she wanted to risk the only thing she had left, her life. She insisted that that was the outcome she had chosen and asked me again to leave her alone. On the other hand, I was in a little hurry since I was keeping some of my patients waiting for me and I wasn't going to get ahead too much with her. Nevertheless, we maintained an intense ‘negotiation’ during 20 minutes before she compromised that she would reconsider her posture.
      We finally agreed to meet again the following day, said goodbye and I meant to leave her flat on her bed with her eyes open and a more relaxed look. However, when I was about to cross the threshold she asked me to come nearer and on doing so she stamped a tender kiss on my cheek and in an almost unperceivable whisper I think I heard her thanking me. I walked confidently through the hallway, telling myself on the inside: “Well done.”  

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