lunes, 14 de enero de 2013


    Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the 10th Conference of the Mental Health Association of my city. The opening speech for this conference was to be pronounced by my admired Professor Don FMP and he gave it the suggesting title, “Mental Health Problems: manipulation, fear, hatred and fanaticism”. 

   It wasn’t the first time that I listened to him and I do think he did not let down any of the assistants thanks to the wisdom of his speech, the depth of his thoughts and his easiness for communicating what he wants to say. 

   He explained in a very suggestive way how cogitation develops at a mental level and the emotions that lead to criminal behaviour, how the political and economic powers have planted fear seeds in the citizen's mind in an insidious but persistent way in order to leave him defenseless and intimidated as to make us accept the economic crisis that is striking the West is something against which we cannot fight and that the state of well-being is an obsolete construction we do not even deserve for being lazy and spendthrift

  There were many more interesting things but I want to end this humble chronicle with a quote that touched me for its simplicity and significance: “A falling tree is noisier than a growing forest”, I always chose the second option. Congratulations and thank you Mr. Francisco.

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