lunes, 14 de enero de 2013


       First of all, let me express my admiration for you:  I so much wish I were as brave and audacious as you are in your songs, your so peculiar a style, your irony and artistic intelligence, summing up, you're brilliant! But please let me tell you something, I don't mind if you express yourself in Catalan, Spanish or Aramaic, I don't give a monkey's about nationalisms and anti-nationalisms but, what seems pathetic to me is that, under the protection of the blessed freedom of expression, you masterfully swing around a dedicated and unperceivable red line and make comments like: “One police officer dead, one police officer less…” and many other equally insulting things, mostly , repeated again and again in shameful choruses.
    I don’t know whether you mean to amuse yourself, suggest things, satirise the institutions you don’t like, (I don’t see much of a problem with that), or justify terrorism, anti-clericalism, against the armed and police forces, etc. You ought to take into account policepeople, soldiers, priests, bishops, bankers…, they all have families and feelings as you do, and I don’t think they all are as perverse as you.
     On the other hand, please take into account that among your followers there are youngsters that may not be able to filter the information you communicate within your lyrics, what can be detrimental to them and make them as fanatic as you, even though it seems to me that actually you are not that bad and that you just take a pose for the sake of provocation, but let me put things clear: it is possible to say a lot without being rude beyond all need.
      I don’t want to give you lessons either on sanctity (heaven forbid) or morality or about anything, but when I hear my daughter clapping and enjoying herself with your ‘friendly lines’ makes my stomach turn a little.

      Yours faithfully.

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