lunes, 21 de enero de 2013


    There are many reasons to go on strike and protest about our current state of things. In my humble opinion   politicians in general are acting following a totally partisan perspective, defending their sectarian interests above all. The unions no longer earn the right to ask we to embrace anything, especially if we take into account the economic cost, the conflicts it will create, largely due to the action of the “informative” picketers against the workers that freely want to go to work, the disproportionate action that the Police surely are going to have like on other remote and recent occasions against the strikers for the “public order” sake.
    To you all, bigwigs of the unions I direct this letter. I know that your intentions on many occasions are honourable but, I think that they keep not so honourable intentions. I am just going to expose what has been occurring in my city for many decades now: The current city council continues pulling strings to get their people jobs more o less important in the local administration. I recognise that not the whole of the councillors carries out these actions and I beg their pardon because I don’t want to treat the latter as the former. No one denounces anything because there is much to cover up, and most parties in the opposition as well as most unions ignore this and pretend everything is right, they wouldn’t dare to discover this not to lose their privileges, the pay they receive for their silence and the possibility of pulling strings to get their share of the cake: this what I call either a network of favours or a hell good comradeship.
    So this is it. I do not like pointless generalisations, nor do I like the lame deductions or extrapolations with no base on reliable statistical methods, but I reckon that it is the same in many other towns and not only in the well-known city halls in Marbella, Lugo or Madrid.
    There is so much to fix… A good friend tells me that we have what we deserve, but I think that common people deserve something more.
   If the strike was summoned by a no-partisan Citizen Platform meaning to change things, and being a real benefit for the common people, I would volunteer in sacrificing the money it would cost me a strike day, and I would even hand and show a supportive banner, but  as the establishment goes, I think I'd better step aside.

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