lunes, 21 de enero de 2013


   “It’s cold tonight,” Isabella mentioned to Francesco Corleone as the latter sipped his coffee.
    It's been a long hard day's work in the WTC office in Los Angeles, helicopter trip back to his luxurious mansion, a game of golf in the reputable north field in Palm Springs with Charl Hope, then back home at the wheels of the latest model Porsche recently imported from his native Italy, a glance over his emails, some reply, family dinner, etc… and at last the most appreciated moment arrived: his coffee and his cup of the best bourbon ever known especially made for him in a Kentucky brewery. He is anxious because now he is going into the private salon from which he believes to handle the world of the highest finances.
    Francesco is the grand-nephew of Vito Corleone and brags about being the most quick-witted man of his successive lineage from the “maestro.” He is the primary shareholder, among many other properties on both sides of the Atlantic, of ACE, a holding that brings companies from the real estate sector, the telecommunications and, what else?, some of the most respected agencies of quality such us T&Q.
    In his game room there is an enormous scale-model whose pieces Francesco move by a sophisticated computer system designed by his friend Bill, system that he skilfully manages every night, mostly alone and by himself. His favourite puppets represent the main ruling class from Black Africa, but in these last few years he has included, for his own amusement, principal rulers of the countries in Europe. Some “sacred” like the GNJ, the CDF, the DF and other important organisations that apparently control the global economy.

   Note: The majority of the acronyms used are fiction. I invite you all to deduce for yourselves what entities I am referring to.

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