miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013


   One day I was strolling down the main street of my town when I bumped into my life-long barber -Andres- who was finishing a cigarette by the door of his premises and, like always, we began to talk of the usual: Real Madrid C.F., the crisis, the politicians, just the usual. Then, a childhood “friend” -Joaquin- comes to us, well, actually a friend from my childhood, because Andres is quite a bit younger than me.
   “I’m sure you two were talking about women” –said Joaquin with a dumb smile. “Hum, we haven't got to that topic yet,” my barber answered. “The problem’s that they are all b----“ added Joaquin to our surprise. “Are you having problems with your wife?” I asked him. “No, she is a complete lady!” he snapped. “And how can you be so sure of that?” intervened Andres. “Because I know it, of course!”.What about you, haven't you had any outdoors affair?” -I added funny trying to make him speak. “Just as you two do, Good God!” he said. -”Hey, Joaquin” I carried onI have never considered that possibility...” I replied. “But Joaquin” Andres suddenly interrupted me “...chick or bloke?”. - “Are you fucking kidding me or what?, what the fuck's this?” He replied almost having a heart attack. “I have always thought you've got a limp wrist, friend” Andrés added a little sarcastic. - “Hey, I'm a real man!” Joaquin said blind. - "hui yu yui ..." I said, and at that moment I made a brief pause because I saw Joaquin going red with anger. -”Now I think it's you the bummer here!” he said angrily. “Well, look, Joaquin, friend” I started telling him as calm as I could “as you will see, I'm not looking for any bum to use my tool in, but check this out, you may be right: a month ago I came to have my hair cut  and as this friend of us” I told pointing to Andrés “was washing my hair and my son, who was with me, asked me with the naïveté of his four years: Daddy, do you like it? You closed your eyes?”
    I said this no offence meant when Joaquin, without a word, walked down the street talking to himself.
   THINGS ABOUT LIFE ... shame for the sin is the penance begins. Nevertheless, next time I see him, I shall apologize and hope that he has learnt the morals from this experience.

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