martes, 11 de febrero de 2014


I finished my pst LAUNDRY” by stating that in 2014 I would lie by the sun once the last spin-cycle finishes. Its been some time since then and so far the sun isnt strong or warm enough yet on our northern hemisphere. I dont know whether thats the reason why I havent felt like hanging the laundry up yet, but Im afraid that this bloody last spin-cycle is going to be far more troublesome than I expected. The problem is that I keep spotting stains on important pieces of my laundry, pieces of laundry I thought, silly me, to be done when they are not by far… I think I lack some especial reason I cant think of and the piece of laundry is worth the ado of applying especial care. I hope some of my many friends is able to bring me that essential something, no doubt they are all trying to find it. Im beginning to think it might not be the right time to lie by the sum, I shall probably put it off for some Monday off, and just for a tiny while, I dont want the soft sunlight cause my laundry any harm, specially now Ive been told there are oh so many delicate items amongst my laundry. Sure my friends and Ela in the first place are willing to give me a hand.

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