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   Honestly, do we really live in democracy? No doubt things aren’t always better in the good old days, that the Spanish transition to democracy was fair enough; however, despite the laudable achievement obtained by the “founding fathers” of the Spanish Constitution, Law of Laws, Carta Magna or whatever other name it may receive, the scenario is very different now: corruption and misdeeds are sadly commonplace.

   Lot needs changing, that is a profound revision of the voting system (Mr. D’Hondt have better have kept his mouth shut), the abolition of the pigheaded party discipline that compels politicians not to break the party’s policy on most matters in the local assemblies in the autonomous regions (apologies to the different administrative bodies with different names according to historical rights and privileges), open lists for us the citizens to choose the order in which a party's candidates are elected, and needless to say, a deep justice review to bring to trial those enshrined in their own set of laws and rights who ignore the laws applied to Tom, Dick and Harry.

   Here I include the text from an e-petition by popular initiative; I think it is very interesting:


We hereby present our petition to be signed over the following months for this popular initiative. Despite the fact that the contents are well-known we esteem convenient remembering them again.

Congress of Deputies Reform Act of 2012 (Constitutional amendment)


This POPULAR INITIATIVE needs 500,000 signatures to be sent to the Parliament.


I please ask each reader to kindly forward this message to at least 20 people out of their contact list and ask each one of them to do the same. We are going to raise awareness on this matter, let’s set the grounds for signature collection, let’s build CITIZENS AWARENESS.

In three days’ time most people in this country will have read this message

Congress of Deputies Reform Act of 2012 (Constitutional amendment)

1. Deputies shall receive wages only for the term in office and have their retirement based on it.

2. Deputies shall contribute with the National Health System as any citizen. The Congressional pension fund shall be included within the National Health System scheme and deputies shall share the same benefits by the National Health System as any citizen. This pension fund shall not be used for other purposes.

3. Deputies shall pay taxes for their pension scheme as any Spanish citizen.

4. Deputies shall not vote their own pay raise.

5. Deputies shall resign to their private health insurance to obtain health cover by the National Health System.

6. Deputies shall be equally subjected to the same laws as any citizen (abolition of their personal privileges).

7. Office in Congress is a job, no a career. Deputies’ terms in office shall be limited to two and then go back to the labour market.

8. A 30% cut down in the number of committee members in the public institutions (city councillors, national deputies, local deputies, etc.)

9. Abolition of either obsolete or overlapping institutions such as the Senate, Local assemblies of deputies…)

10. A 50% cut down of the amount of politicians’ advisory committees in addition to a sensible payment for their services.

     * * *

If each person sends this e-mail to at least 20 people, in three days’ time most Spanish citizens will have received it.

The time for the Constitutional amendment has come.

This way the lack of legal equity and misdeeds regarding Parliament and Senate members can be wiped away.

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